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 Latest News

May/2005 Multi-wire drawing machine with quick change functionality commissioning end.
Mar/2005 CE certificate applied of high speed tamdem Line system for European market
Feb/2005 Fine wire drawing machine ordered from "P"
Feb/2005 Medium wire drawing machine announced from "M" company 
March/2005 8-wire muti-wire drawing machine machine with Quick Change functionality order from Japanese Co.
March/ 2005 Whole New Cable Plant Project ordered from USA Co., 
Feb/2005 DC22 New version of fine wire drawing machine with annealer ordered from Japanese Co.
Feb/2005 630mm 54 bobbin rigid stranding machine with fully automatic loading device order
Jan/2005 7B Tubular stranding machine assembly finished
Jan/2005 New Announced Quick Change Multi Wire Drawing Machine
Dec/2004 New Announced DC22/DC24 Fine Wire Drawing Machine
OCT/2004/  Twin-Head auto coiling machine announced