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Medium Wire Drawing Machine


    Medium wire drawing machine is one of the most popular wire drawing machine in the Cable/wire manufacturers. The reason is if someone want to involve in this business but short of capital . Then this is the top urgent investment due to the low cost and variety of usages. 

    Basically , There are two models of the this wire drawing machine . These two models are identical except One is with 17 dies and the other is just 13 dies. Which you select just depend on the inlet diameter of the copper and the Diameter of the finishing wire you would like to make.

    For instance, if you would like to draw the copper wire from inlet 3.2mm (one of the most popular size in the market) and the finishing wire is about 1.0mm (this is the size for fine wire drawing machine) , Then the 17 dies model may be your choice since the 13 dies model can not reach 1.0mm. However, if the inlet is about 2.6mm , then you should be able to select the 13 dies model instead of the 17 dies model.

    The following is the quick reference table to help you select the most suitable one for you.


Annealing Machine


DC17 Medium Wire Drawing machine with annealing machine


    The most difficult and important part of the wire drawing machine with annealing machine is the annealing system. This is also what Pan-Pioneer superior than our competitors. According the theory of how to anneal the copper wire , we can realize the quantity of the copper being annealed should be proportion to the energy the annealer output . It seems very straightforward and easy to understand however it is very difficult , in reality , to  control the output of the annealer linearly proportional to the line speed. Most manufacturers , based on their lack of relative knowledge , claim they also can do as what I describe above . However , they do only control either the annealing voltage or the annealing current instead of control the output power (KW/Hr) . The results of this kind of control are :

    1) The annealing condition of the copper during the wire drawing machine with annealing machine  speedup and slow down become unstable. This cause some wire need be discarded for each reel.

    2) To avoid the situation as described in 1), They have to put more energy to the annealer to "make sure" all the wire are "soft enough or the elongation is enough". This may save some copper wire , compared to the situation 1) , however you lose more from the electricity. Meanwhile, in order to avoid the colour of the wire turning red or even black due to the extra energy being used while annealing , more steam or nitrogen gas (depending of the way you isolate the air from the broiling copper wire) being use and bigger cooling system is also requirement.

    3) The differences between real situation and the practical situation (most of the time is from the energy wastage due to mechanical friction) . Except for this , the power loose problem is also not neglected since the annealing system just like a big inductor and a small resister in parallel . This will cause the power factor far less than 1 , which means you waste a lot of energy for nothing . the  To eliminate this factor , we save all the parameters and correcting factor in our database in our CCCS system for real-time emending during the machine with annealing machine operating under any condition to make sure the lowest power wastage guarantee.

    4) The bottleneck of the whole wire drawing line is the capability of the annealing system , however the bigger doesn't  mean better . Most of the time , the bigger means you pay much more for electrical bill but get nothing more , how to control the annealing system become one of the most being proud The CCCS can do for you. With CCCS , your employees can operate the machine with annealing machine easily and save your money from where you even may not tell.