Pan-Pioneer makes Extrusion machine extruder machine.

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75mm Complete Extrusion machine extruder Line

1.] Main specification:

1.1.) Application: Hi-Speed extrusion machine extruder for stranded and solid conductor.

1.2.) New Features: Extrusion machine CCCS Temperature control system. All temperature is integrated in CCCS system one temperature sensor box, which simplify the wiring job, maintenance and error diagnosis.

1.2.A.) RS485 communication technology applied instead of traditional thermal couple signal transmission, which is interfered easily.

1.2.B.) Laser Gauge with Line speed close loop control unit which is utilized when take-up reel changeover happen, slowing down the line speed and keeping constant cable diameter (option)

1.2.C.) Either operator press “changeover” push button or Counter “full length” being reached will activate the reel changeover instruction.

1.2.D.) Adjustable position (centering) of 40mm co-extruder for easy operation.

1.2.E.) Quick color change device design.

1.2.F.) 4-way adjustable centering of 40mm co-extruder (Nylon) for easy operation.

1.3.) Extrusion machine Diameter of screw: 75mm

1.4.) Extrusion machine Screw: BM type, L/D: 26, C/R=3.0

1.5.) Capacity: kg/Hr(PVC), kg/Hr(LDPE,XLPE)

1.6.) Screw RPM: RPM Max.

1.7.) Extrusion machine Cross head: Self-Centering Crosshead(color strip)........ 1set

1.8.) Temperature controller: Touch Screen Monitor + PLC + RS485communication system

1.9.) Softwree : CCCS (Centrical Computerize Control System)

1.10.) Extrusion machine Motor Driven system :

1.10.A.) Extruder mainframe: AC Motor with encoder and Inverter close Loop control

1.10.B.) Dual Wheel Capstan: AC Motor with encoder and Inverter close Loop control

1.10.C.) Dual Spooler with automatic change-over : 30HP AC motor with encoder and Inverter close Loop control

2.] Other Driving System : AC motor system
Machine composition:

2.1.) 600mm Dual Cone payoff........ 1set

2.2.) wire virbation absorber with wire broken detector........ 1set

2.3.) 1250mm motor driven cantilever payoff........ 1set

2.4.) Guide Roller Device........ 1set

2.5.) Pre_heater........ 1set

2.6.) Mainframe of 75 mm Extrusion machine........ 1set

2.6.A.) PVC / PE multi-purpose Extrusion machine screw and barrel (variable twin thread gap type)

2.6.B.) Heating and cooling system

2.6.C.) Frame of Extrusion machine

2.6.D.) Thermo couples with temperature control system (PLC + Touch Screen Monitor)
via RS485/232 communication system (CCCS system)
(40mm extruder use temperature gauge instead of CCCS)

2.6.E.) AC Motor with Extrusion machine Driver

2.6.F.) Extrusion machine Transmission gear box with lubricant circulation device

2.6.G.) Mechanical self-operation Oil lubricant circulation pump

2.6.H.) V-groove type belt transmission

2.6.I.) Extrusion machine Operation Panel

2.6.J.) Electrical drive cabinet

2.6.K.) Auto hopper and Loader

K-1.) 50KG capacity for 60mm extruder.

K-2.) 35KG capacity for 40mm extruder.

2.7.) Self-Centering Crosshead........ 1set

2.8.) Auto loader & hopper ........ 1set

2.9.) Operation panel........ 1set

2.10.) Ink printer........ 1set

2.11.) 600mm Dual wheel capstan........ 1set

2.12.) Water cooling trough........ 1set

2.13.) Horizontal Accumulator (extra length)........ 1set

2.14.) Laser diameter Gauge with diameter controller........ 1set(not included)

2.15.) High frequency spark tester........ 1set

2.16.) Plasticcolor........ 1set(not included)

2.17.) Pressure gauge........ 1set

2.18.) 1250mm Dual cantilever take-up........ 1set

2.19.) 500mm autocoiler........ 1set

2.20.) Length Counter........ 1set

2.21.) Extrusion machine Standard Spare Pack........ 1set

Remark: Item 2.14 and 2.16 are specified by Buyer therefore the price doesn’t include these two items. For more information of all items showing above, please refer to “Detail Specification of 12mm/90mm/60mm extrusion machine extruder line” section at the end of extrusion machine extruder section.