copper wire / aluminum  Drawing Machine Series

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  Pan-Pioneer promote the latest model of copper / Aluminum / Brass copper wire / aluminum wire drawing machine with proud in 2005 Singapore copper wire / aluminum /tube exhibition. Starting from fine copper wire / aluminum  drawing machine (DC series), intermediate (medium)  copper wire / aluminum  drawing machine (DB Series), heavy-duty rod breakdown machine (DA Series), to multi-copper wire / aluminum  drawing machine (DM Series), Pan-Pioneer provide copper wire / aluminum  drawing machine  with high performance with reasonable price to our customers. 

  Pan-Pioneer devote a lot of efforts to research and develop copper wire / aluminum  drawing machine  with latest technology refi.  For example, Starting from our Heavy-Duty Rod Breakdown machine , we offer many alternatives, such as traditional Single motor driven model , Twin motor system with quick change / high speed selectable , to independent motor driven model are all available .Continuous Annealing device is also an option which supply In-Line process functionality. This machine can also co-operate with varieties of takeup models , such as single spooler , dual spooler with auto changeover devices, and static down coiler,

Our rod breakdown machine offers the flexibilities to our customers. In-line continuous annealing is also an option, the capacity of annealing is up to 400KVA with special cooling system for high speed operation.

The second stage for copper wire / aluminum  drawing process is medium copper wire / aluminum  drawing machine with continuous annealing devices. This machine is for further drawing  the copper wire / aluminum  into smaller sizes. Our medium copper wire / aluminum  drawing machine (machines) are available for copper / tinning / brass copper wire / aluminum  with minor modifications required. Pan-Pioneer will revise our machine based on the characteristic of the material customers would like to make. From copper copper wire / aluminum , tinning copper wire / aluminum , enameling copper wire / aluminum , to copper wire / aluminum -cut brass copper wire / aluminum  Pan-Pioneer has proper solutions for different applications.


  The final stage for copper wire / aluminum  drawing process is fine copper wire / aluminum  drawing machine. Even though it is the most neglected part during the drawing process however it is the most critical part of the whole drawing process. Your production line will be choked without high speed, good quality , and reliable fine copper wire / aluminum  drawing machine (machines). The most critical part to evaluate a good fine copper wire / aluminum  drawing machine is how to make a good in-line annealing process.

Since the products are so fine and the machine is running at much higher speed then other copper wire / aluminum  drawing processes , such as rod breakdown machine and medium copper wire / aluminum  drawing machine, an accurate in-line annealing control become the bottleneck of developing fine copper wire / aluminum  drawing machine. That is why most of the copper wire / aluminum  factory use vacuum chamber instead of in-line annealing . It is a flaw using such a low technology for annealing since it is a low efficient and out-of-date production method. To overcome this difficulty, Pan-Pioneer promote our new model of fine copper wire / aluminum  drawing machine with our latest technology ¡V High frequency annealing system.(Patent Applying)

¡@By using the high frequency pulse which controlled by the PWM technology for annealing, Pan-Pioneer new technology can reach much higher accurate power control capacity than other makers can do . Except this, Our system is also offer S curve fine tuning functionality for machine which is operated under different environments, different sizes or different material. Our system provide up to 20 different S curve database and operator can recall these stored S curve from our control system for operation if necessary.

The final one and a most special one Pan-Pioneer promote is multi-copper wire / aluminum  drawing machine-DM Series. This machine is most suitable for enameling copper wire / aluminum s or the automotive copper wire / aluminum s since the huge quantities of bare copper copper wire / aluminum s are demanded. The traditional multi-copper wire / aluminum  drawing machine (machines) are extremely expensive and only few of machinery maker can offer this kind of machine. Now multi-copper wire / aluminum  drawing machine is no more a dream to budget buyer since we develop a new model of multi-copper wire / aluminum  drawing machine with low cost. Compare to the costs of traditional multi-copper wire / aluminum  drawing machine (machines), the price our new multi-copper wire / aluminum  drawing machine is one third of their price only. Pan-Pioneer does not sacrifice the quality of our machine (machines) just because its low price but offer a reliable machine instead.

One flexibility of DM Series is the number of drawing dies and the number of copper wire / aluminum s being drawn at once are adjustable, It is a custom-design for customer different application therefore there is no standard model can be specified.

New features of fine wire drawing machine, medium wire drawing machine, rod breakdown machine, heavy-duty rod breakdown machine, and multi-wire drawing machine include :  
No steam or Nitrogen needed for wire anti-oxidation (discolor) during annealing process. New technology of annealing power control (Patented) with fin tuned functionality for different applications (wire sizes, different materials such as tin-coated , brass wire, and production at variable speed such as ramping up and slow down)    10 tuning points for each annealing curve adjustment.    Semi-hard wire production is applicable.  
  Precise annealing power control at low line speed for hard wire elimination.  
  Precise weight-balancer type constant tension control, which overcome the disadvantage of the spring-type tension control.  High accuracy close loop speed control for consistency of products. Anti-Corrosion high accuracy Forged die holder rather than casting ones. High-frequency / High-efficiency (95% and up) transformer rather than traditional low efficiency transformer (80% maximum).    Maximum line speed achievement (2000mpm) Once the I.D. of the take-up bobbin reach the minimum I.D. of fine wire drawing machine mechanism design requests minimum I.D.  For example, This machine is designed 2000Mpm with DIN 46397 315mm bobbin. To achieve , the mechanism design of take-up stand, the maximum rotation of take-up shaft is 4500rpm for the inner diameter of the 315mm bobbin. When this machine is utilized on 250mm bobbin , for example, the I.D. of 250mm bobbin may smaller than I.D. of 315mm bobbin , therefore when the take-up reach 4500rpm, the line speed will still lower than 2000mpm ( the line speed should be 4500rpm* 3.1416* I.D.). Under such circumstance , Wire drawing machine will slow down to keep the synchronization between them.  When the take-up reel I.D. is increasing due to the drawn wire rewound on the bobbin, the maximum line speed take-up bobbin is increasing as well. Drawing machine will increase the line speed automatically to match the maximum line speed the take-up bobbin can reach until the line speed reach the maximum of the wire drawing machine (that¡¦s say 2000mpm- 2500mpm) and keep the speed constant until the take-up bobbin is fully loaded.  IOW, the whole system of this fine wire drawing machine may operate at highest speed its mechanism can reach.  If we put this in mathematical formula , it should show like this way :

Maximum Line speed (rpm) = Min ( mechanism design of Drawing machine maximum line speed, mechanism design of Annealing machine the maximum line speed it can achieve, mechanism design of take-up stand line speed)
  This system won¡¦t let any parts of this machine over speed. Once anyone of them has reached its maximum capacity, the machine will limit the performance of this machine and increase / decrease maximum line speed anytime once any factors which limit the maximum line speed are disengaged or activated .  In short, this machine can keep running at its highest performance automatically by internal control software (CCCS) for Users. No other machine maker can achieve except Pan-Pioneer. High-speed communication for system annealing and synchronization control.
  By using this technology, the wiring job becomes very compact, easy for maintenance and diagnosis once failures occur. The other advantage of this system is this high speed communication system is total immune to environment noises generated from other devices, such as SCR controller , Machines inverters, or electric drills¡Ketc. The similar technology that we call it ¡§fly by wire¡¨ is also adopted on some modem vehicles such as BMW, BENZ¡Ketc.

  Pan-Pioneer is the first one and the only one who use this technology on practical products and acquire great success, Sumitomo, Hitachi, Bangkok auto wire, Sucaco Indonesia, and Data power¡Kuse this machine at different materials for over at least 11/2 years without any complains about it. We are also one (and the only one) not Japanese based machine maker who is a qualified drawing machine supplier of many enterprises.